Sunday, January 23, 2011

spring semester

last thursday i had my first painting II class. it seems cool, and the teacher seems really nice and all. but i keep getting a little nervous because i feel like my painting I class was so amazing that it's going to be kind of hard to live up to.  i LOVED my teacher, i felt like we not only hit it off personality-wise, but he really taught me so much and basically helped steer me in a certain direction as far as my painting goes. i felt like i absorbed so much knowledge from him. not to mention that the class was PERFECT: there were about 12 of us, and we all got along. i could be in the worst mood, but when i went to that class, i was immediately uplifted and we all laughed together, and it was so much fun and so comfortable.

the painting class i'm in now has 20 people in it, and has a mix of advanced painters. it's a painting II through IV class! so there are students at all kinds of stages, and it's gonna be a little cramped for space, and i'm picky with that. i usually scope out spaces with the best light, but it's gonna be hard this time. my teacher seems really cool, and i was completely absorbed in what he was saying as we went through books of paintings during class. i just hope that we connect on a personal level, because that makes the class so much better. i'm just gonna stay positive.

i had to go to a lumber yard to get wood, because we're building our own canvases from scratch! as in, we're using power tools to build the frames....AAHHH! exciting and nerve-wracking.