Monday, February 3, 2014

mumbo jumbo

Ok so I was thinking maybe along with posting stuff I make, I can post other people's stuff that I find super awesome and inspiring and write about why. I think that could be a helpful exercise in keeping motivated to create.

That will be a future post. For now, here's my latest shtuff:

I'm doing a series of vans. This one is #3. number 4 is currently in the works. I guess I should post one and two at some point when I have a good pic of them. 

This person. Actually this person is me. I took a pic of myself when I was crying. That sounds weird, but I did it. Then a while later, I was looking through my pictures for reference material and found that photo and decided to use it.

freaking roses man. I will master these mofos someday, I just know it. The thing is, I've been practicing drawing roses for a couple weeks now and they leave me so confused. I want to get over the confusion and get to the point of clarity. ROSE CLARITY.

bye for now