Friday, March 25, 2011


i've been feeling weird lately. lots of death happening this year. nobody that close to me, but a bunch of acquaintances who are close. i feel like death is always lingering around, hovering close but it hasn't snatched anyone i care deeply about yet.

what's going on in japan is deeply disturbing. the radiation leaking out to the rest of the world. when i look to my future, it seems bleak. what will the world be like when i'm 40? everything is happening so quickly and i'm scared.

the things that bring me joy are school, painting and dancing. but i need to go wild. i need to let loose and let go and just LIVE. i feel like i've just been in a bubble of worry, anxiety and fret. i need to burst out of it.

i need my friends.


justadrienne said...

It was so nice to see you last night! I think everyone gets stressed as the semester draws to a close. I'm glad you're trying to stay relaxed! Summer will be here before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Your painting is coming by nicely. I've never used oil paint before just oil pastels. Is there a certain brand you like? What about brushes? I've used water color also a little acrylic, I really need to experiment more.

And how forgiving is it? What do you do if you mess up, can you just wipe it off. I know it takes awhile to dry. Oil pastel never really drys, it hardens a little but I'm sure you know that.
Looking forward to seeing it finished.

And maybe that death is happening close to others around you , and you know their pain maybe it will prepare you for someone in your circle when they pass. It's better that way then an immediate death to a family member. (not that it's good)

I am don't get out much either, I am always inside drawing or sewing, I need to get out before I regret not taking advantage of my youth. Good luck :)

Jester said...

Ehh sorry that was me first comment, didn't want to make it anonymous :)

mariclare said...

i actually am fairly new at oil paints, but i find that i prefer them to acrylics. i don't have a favorite brand really, just whatever is cheapest at the art store, since i don't have a whole lot to spend. i've been using "classico" brand and "blick" brand, which i prefer over the other.

oil paints are very forgiving. since it takes a long time to dry, you can just take your cloth and a little bit if turp and wipe it right off. that's another reason i like them better than acrylics; with acrylics, the paint dries immediately, so you can just paint right over it, but you can just kind of instantly wipe oil off, which is comforting.

i have a variety of brushes, ranging from size 00 to about 16. again, i don't spend a whole lot on brushes, and i'm always finding that i need more for different tasks. basically, i have different size flats, rounds, and liners. i have a roller too, for gessoing.