Saturday, January 28, 2017

Oh hey. Long time.

Um soooo yeah! Lots of stuff has happened between now and then! 

I haven't painted in a few months...wahhhh. My excuse is that we moved and the new studio is a shambles. Is that the expression? "A shambles"? Anyway yeah but

I picked up the guitar again and am kinda diggin it in a big and different way than I ever have before. Like, I'm being pulled to it and I'm heeding the call and going on youtube and learning new stuff, like I'm really into fingerpicking lately, a style called Travis picking. It really all started a few months ago when my mom wanted me to go through all my old stuff in her basement and just get rid of it all, and I came across my notes in a wire bound notebook from the guitar lessons I took as a teenager. It is still so super handy and I took it home, went through them and gave myself a refresher course. And then went on youtube to learn some stuff. And also, I signed up for a credit-free course at MCC on a Beatles guitar class LOL. I'm looking forward to meeting other guitar peeps. I'm in a new town and I need to meet some peeps here to make it feel more like a home. 

Last night I feel like I had somewhat of a breakthrough with the guitar, I was practicing some songs and I was getting kinda bored with that so I went off on my own little jam thing and a song came floating to me, and I was singing, just whatever was coming to me. It wasn't like, an out-and-out song, just some words with the chords and some blues scales thrown in and it was really cool, I felt like I was finally developing some kinda relationship with the guitar. I want it to have its own soul and voice, I just need to get better with technicalities, building muscles in my wrist/fingers (especially my pinky, damn). It was wonderful and I wish I had recorded it. I have a small tape recorder from my mom's house that needs batteries and I need to get cassette tapes for it. But I really wonder, what do musicians use to record themselves, just casually? Not like a huge setup or anything, and something other than the phone which loses space quickly. Something simple and easy to playback. That's my quest. My quest is to get good at guitar and record myself practicing.