Monday, July 5, 2010


unless you're one of the lucky ones who gets paid for doing what you love doing anyway, every working person comes upon a time in their life when they have to muster everything they've got to drag their butt to work.  for the past couple of weeks, i've been going through one of those times.  i think it's due to the fact that summer is here, along with other little tid-bits thrown in, such as an influx of fun and exciting plans springing up in my life,  hearing about friends and their vacations, and maybe the fact that my boyfriend sky has a week and a half off from work right now (his job closes several times a year due being located on a college campus).

but i think the biggest reason contributing to my mood lately is school.  i'm really excited to go to school this fall and i keep staring at my future with anticipation.  i can't wait until i finally have a degree and i live where i want to live and i'm doing something fulfilling to make a living.  i think it's these combined reasons and their cause that's motivating me to grab my non-working life by the horns and figure out what makes me happy, and how to expand that happiness into making it my whole life.

on that note, here's a list of things i really appreciate in my life:

  • my boyfriend sky.  i don't really know how to express my gratitude for him without it sounding insincere and cliche.  he's my best friend.  i tell him everything.  he listens and he cares.  he makes me great food all the time.  seriously, without him i'd probably eat nothing but frozen vegetables and bananas.  we like doing the same things, our future goals are compatible and include each other and he makes me laugh.  so many people spend their lives looking for what i have.  i have great love in my life and i do not take it for granted.
  • my brain.  i'm really glad that i'm smart. granted, i know i'm not the smartest of the bunch, but i know i'm not dumb either.  my friends are all REALLY brilliant people, so that must say something about me, right?
  • i'm really glad i made the decision to go back to school. and i'm really excited about trying to get all A's.  i'm excited that on top of working 40 hours a week, i'll be taking two classes. it's a little intimidating but i'm up for the challenge and i'm glad that i'm up for the challenge.  i'm long overdue for a challenge.  like i said, my goal is to get As in both the classes i'm taking in the fall.
  • well let's see. i'm grateful that our friend norm is over and that we're about to watch "jersey shore." that show is ridiculous.
  • i'm grateful for my cat mr. boy.  he's so cute and happy and gentle and sweet. aww i love him.
  • i'm grateful that even though work sucks sometimes, i work with really great people.  
that's it for now, but there will be more in the future. 

i'm excited to start kickboxing tomorrow!!


justadrienne said...

Awesome post. I think appreciating and feeling grateful for things in your life is such a good exercise. I am so happy about all the things you wrote about, too. ;-)

Sarah said...

I learned that the more you focus on the good things in your life, the more good things will come to you.
I found this website where this guy did this thing called Cosmic Ordering and he ended up getting exactly everything he wanted. If you want, you can watch some of his videos here:
He explains what he did to manifest what he wanted. Its really cool. I'm currently working on it now, too.

mariclare said...

so i thought i commented, but i guess it decided not to show up. anyway:

sarah: it's true! the more you focus on the positive, the brighter your life will be. because you're focusing on the good things in life, even the things that were bad or wrong or negative before will seem good, or have good aspects to them, because that's what you're looking for. that's why keeping a positive attitude is really important. it really helps.
also, you should google "vision board." they talk about it in this movie "the secret," which i think you'd like. basically a vision board is a collage you create of things you want in your life. it helps you focus on them and manifest them. for example, something that's along the same lines is that sky and i are going to sit down and draw the house of our dreams. you should check it out:
copy and paste this into the bar thingy. you'd really like this.

adrienne: for a good portion of last year i was really good about keeping a gratitude journal (you've seen it, the one full of collages), but i've been neglecting it lately, and i notice a definite change in my attitude when i actively keep a gratitude journal and when i don't. i think this blog will help me get back on track!

mariclare said...

oops, sarah, here's the actual link!

Sarah said...

Mariclare: OMG I started making a vision board back in the fall (actually its more of a book)and then I had the idea to make almost like, a vision movie I guess you would say. I download Windows Movie Maker(its free)and I went to google images and got a whole bunch of images of things I want and whatnot, then I put in all these images on the windows movie maker thing and added some affirmations and some special effects to make everything more cool looking and I added a song to play that I can listen to every time I watch it. Its SO COOL and it really makes me feel motivated. I made like 4 different ones and its SO easy to make. I'll have to show you one next time you come over. Apparently they're really effective because now there's this new thing called Mind Movies that are basically the same thing...