Thursday, July 8, 2010

cultivating my life

for the past few weeks i've been paying extra attention to what my mind and body are trying to tell me they need. i've come up with a list of what they've told me so far, and i intend to start following the list.  i have a feeling that if i do what it tells me,  i will have more confidence in myself and more motivation in my life.  the thing about life is, you always have the choice to make it better.  all you have to do is decide.

  • exercise.  at the very least, three times a week.  sky and i are going to check out a zumba class that our school, manchester community college, offers.  i'm really excited. in the meantime, we're going running for half an hour around the local high school track tomorrow morning.   i need to exercise.  my body has been begging for it.  and i really think that exercising is the key to the path that i want to be on, motivation-wise and confidence-wise.
  • yoga.  we went out and bought a yoga dvd.  after running tomorrow, we're going to use it.  i also really feel like i need to stretch and meditate more often; yoga seems perfect. 
  • sell things on ebay. namely a whole bunch of old clothes, jewelry, and shoes i have. i have SO MUCH STUFF. and i really need to just purge it all out of my life.  i could also use a little extra cash.  ebay is kind of intimidating to me.  mostly it's the actual payment methods that kind of throw me off, how to accept payments, etc. but that's a small thing that i just need to jump over, and i shouldn't let it stop me.  it would be so awesome if one day i could turn this blog into a blog/vintage shop, and have it be relatively successful.  
  • explore my entrepreneurial side, coax it to the forefront of my life, and research being self-employed. i've known since i was a kid that this would be the only way i'd be truly happy making a living. 
  • nix the coffee; drink green or white tea instead.
  • create more artwork; take more pictures.
what it comes down to is, i need more discipline in my life, and i'm ready to make the decision to be more disciplined.  

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A said...

That's an awesome list of stuff and I would totally be down to go to a zumba class with you and sky (if you don't mind, that is)!

Also, if the e-bay thing doesn't work out there are stores around called Plato's Closet, and they will buy your old clothes from you. They don't give you a ton of money and they're pretty picky about what they'll take but it's worth checking out. Also, some consignment stores will give you a share of the profits from the sale of your stuff. So that might be something you could do.

Rock on MC!