Friday, July 9, 2010


this morning, sky and i woke up early, put on our sweat pants and made our way to the track.  it was HOT and i was sweating before i even reached the track.  we stretched first, then walked a lap, then began to run.  and it it felt really good. the trick is,  you have to pace yourself.  i didn't burst into full-on running, i took it slow and easy the whole time.  that, paired with a really great album on my headphones, made me feel unstoppable (i wasn't actually unstoppable, of course).

so we ran two laps, walked a lap, ran two, walked one and a half, then ran half a lap, then went home.  at one point during the running, i completely got into a zone and stopped counting the seconds till i could walk again.  i really felt that the music i was listening to was KEY.  it really motivated me and pushed me and i got lost in my own little world, singing along in my head.  it really helps to have motivational lyrics paired with upbeat music.  i was listening to janelle monae's The ArchAndroid, specifically the song "Tightrope" was when i was really in my groove.

by the time we decided to wrap it up, i felt like a rockstar.  we plan on running again tomorrow morning.  for now, it's time to run to the co-op for some fruit to make a fruit salad, and for a cup of some organic, fair trade, (FREE FOR EMPLOYEES!) coffee . :)