Tuesday, February 1, 2011

loosening up

today was the first class in which i actually painted. the teacher is really awesome. i've always known i have issues with loosening up. he came over and demonstrated on my painting how to loosen up. it was like something clicked, although i hesitate to say it yet because i've had such issues in the past. but after he gave this demonstration, i sort of had this conversation with him where i told him that was a main issue for me. he told me about ways he loosens up when he feels like he's getting tighter, and ways people he knows loosen up. somebody he knows went into the woods, got a branch with no leaves on it, brought it into her studio and just painted with that. using a crappy brush helps too. even though you might be afraid of ruining something you're working on, you just have to be brave and almost do something rash to it in order to break free.

so tonight, i got out my acrylics and charcoal, set up the light and the mirror, put on "purple rain" and loosened up. i painted this in less than half an hour.


justadrienne said...

Wow that is amazing! I can't believe you did it in a half hour!! You could be the more productive painter ever! You should totally start doing a painting a night, hehe.

Anyway, glad to hear that this teacher is awesome too! Even though you loved your old teacher so much, I find that having different teachers helps me in different ways--sounds like that's the case with you, too!

justadrienne said...

And this looks so much more mature than a lot of your other work (which is still amazing)--but you've totally gone to a whole new level here--and I can't believe you did it so quickly! I can't wait to see more paintings, hehe.

amanda said...

aah, i kept meaning to say something, but your post reminded me - a guy covered 'purple rain' at open mic night last week, at the local pub - did a great job & totally reminded me of you!

also, you did this in half an hour?! it's wonderful!

mariclare said...

thanks people! the painting is actually pretty small, which might explain why it only took half an hour. it's actually done on wood that was sort of the "extra" part of your pregnancy painting, adrienne! when i finished that painting i cut off the excess i didn't use, and that's what this is. it's only about a foot tall by maybe 8 inches across.

your comments mean a lot! i'm surprised it's such a hit actually. when i was painting it i knew i had past some sort of blockage and it felt really liberating, because i wasn't babying it and i didn't care about "prettiness." i'm really glad that so many other people see something they like in it too! when others have a good reaction to art you create, it's validating.

Moocy said...

Nice MC! I really like this style. It reminds me a little of Elizabeth Peyton, have you seen her paintings? I think they're very beautiful and vibrant. Something about the rougher brush strokes and your colors made me think of her.

A said...

ah ha! You were listening to "Purple Rain" that explains the cool purple-y shadows! Okay, probably not, I know nothing about painting. But this is very cool. I can't believe this only took 1/2 an hour.