Thursday, February 24, 2011

copying the masters

my teacher had told us he wouldn't be in class today, but that he wanted us to come in anyway and do sketches of figures, to warm up for our next painting which will be of two nudes.

so i brought in some art books, and just painted a drawing by egon schiele. and i'm so glad i did. if i had ever thought about copying art already done by the masters, i probably thought it would've been a waste of time. but ever since my teacher talked about "borrowing" or "stealing" things that the greats use, or even just flat out copying their stuff, i got more intrigued and decided to give it a go.

this painting is based on a drawing by egon schiele, who i LOVE. what i loved about this process was taking what i love about his style, but making it my own. for instance, i love his disproportionate perspective and strong use of lines. his version had nearly no color, so that's where i came in.

it just makes it really comforting to know (instead of daunting) that there's really nothing original in the world, and that EVERYONE borrows things from people they find inspiring. i guess that's how things become our own; because we make it our version by putting a piece of ourselves into them.

i'm all about "borrowing" now. i'm no longer afraid.

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