Thursday, March 8, 2012

floaty triangles

my life:

-hard edge abstraction assignment. has lead to me painting triangles. 1", 2", 3", 4" in size. different colors. floating, hovering triangles in a plain of mushy, thick off-white oil paint. with shadows. but the painting has been a journey since the beginning. it sounds simple. like pre-school "you want what? hard edge abstraction?! fine i'll just paint triangles." it's been an adventure. let me tell you. first, a messily applied coat of gesso (thanks to sky--i say this firstly because i would never apply gesso sloppily; secondly because if he hadn't applied it in the first place, i believe it would be a far more boring painting. or at least a completely different one). secondly, i spray painted over that a boring hue of blue. thirdly i used stencil i made and applied the triangles with a pencil. BORING! so i made the background super thick to disguise the texture of the gesso. then the triangles came to exist but they had to stand on their own.

-i have a show in july at the art store a block from where i live. i saw the owner today. he said he's been working on publicity and that lots of people should know about it and he also might want me to go on this local tv channel about artists and i guess give an interview? about my show? i think? so that's happening.

-I WISH TO GOD i had more time. i wish i didn't have to spend the majority of my time at some job at the coop. sure i appreciate it. but i'd be lying if i said i didn't also resent it. i sorely wish i could devote most of my time to painting and developing that to be my primary income. it's a constant battle to give yourself the time you need to cultivate your passion. it's a constant battle. i NEED to get more organized.

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