Friday, January 4, 2013

More watercolors; more commissions

This is a practice piece (I think) for a commission I'm working on. Pretty much the only reason I consider it a practice piece is because it doesn't really look THAT much like her; but then again, the photo she gave me to work from is pretty washed out and feature-less.  To be honest I'd say this looks more like Hilary Swank, hahaha.

I recently finished this painting for my friend Sahar who lives in Seattle. She just messaged me on Facebook to say that she's been showing it to a bunch of people she knows out there, and now a few of them are interested in commissioning me to paint for them!! aaahhhh I'm so excited that people across the country who I don't even know want to commission me. This only fuels my desire to quit my day job and nurture this so that it grows into something truly substantial. IT'S POSSIBLE!!!!!!

And last but not least, I did this on New Year's Day just for fun. I copied an Egon Schiele painting and basically let loose with the watercolors.

Yeah watercolors are so my thing now.

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