Wednesday, April 30, 2014

living with myself

How do I even start? That's how I'll start this entry. And I think that's the whole point anyway. I haven't really created since February. Except for these quick and sloppy and slapdash things that I drew just to freaking do SOMETHING AAHHHH

A bunch of crappy cell phone photos of off-the-cuff drawings that take literally a few minutes. Lately I am just having the hardest time sitting down and starting something. I let a billion things run through my mind and distract me from focusing. And because I'm anxious that I'm not creating anything really substantial or awesome, I enter this downward spiral of self-doubt. AAAHHH STOP IT BRAIN. Ironically if i just shut up my brain and sat down and DID SOMETHING I"D FEEL SO MUCH BETTER!

Sometimes i drive myself freaking insane.

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