Friday, April 20, 2012


it is sort of funny how selling this came to pass. our classmate fernando called sky one day to ask him if he had anything he wanted to put up in a student art show at school that i actually had no idea about, and i happened to be at home on break from work at that moment. sky said no, but that i might, and handed the phone to me. so it was a spur-of-the-moment decision in which i told fernando to hang up my triangle painting. he then asked if there was a price i'd like to sell it for. scrambling for a number in my mind, i said, "how about $200?"

later that day, he sent me a message on facebook basically saying, "how about $300? there's a lot of paint on this and it's really fine work." so i said "sounds good to me!"

about a week later, one of the drawing teachers came and found me and said, "someone is interested in buying your piece. are you willing to bring the price down to $200?"

"sure!" i said.

"any lower than that?"

"...i don't think so. i spent a lot of time and paint on it."

so a week or two went by, and i thought that maybe whoever wanted to buy it lost interested, but it was nice to know at least someone was interested. then the other day, she came up to me again and said it sold for $200! i was thrilled! especially because i think only me and maybe one other person actually sold something in the show.

this leads me to think....hey... the more paintings i do... the more i'll sell! and so i must keep producing. produce, produce, produce.

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